Spot Cooler TopAs the weather gets warmer, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that you have a working air conditioning unit so you can keep spaces cool.  If your air conditioner breaks in a meeting room, office, classroom, or any other environment where you need cooled spaces, you could find yourself facing a problem- especially if you cannot get immediate repairs. Summer could mean it is too hot to work in the environment without an air conditioner, which could mean an interruption in operations.

The good news is there are solutions available that can be implemented as soon as possible to help reduce or eliminate down time. You can rent a spot cooler from Portable Air for as long as you need to keep the space cool until your regular air conditioner is repaired. Spot coolers work quietly, and the noise level is acceptable for use in an office environment.  Temporary cooling is provided at a very affordable cost, and spot coolers are very effective. Featuring a ceiling duct kit, a 5 gallon condensation tank with automatic shut off, or a condensation hose to empty water outdoors or into a nearby drain, spot coolers can be a great set-and-forget option and can cool down to a wide range of temperatures.

To learn more about these units, or to rent a spot cooler if you are having air conditioner problems, contact Portable Air today.