There’s never a good time for your server room air conditioning to fail. EVER! But, as all facilities managers and data center managers know, the question is not IF mechanical equipment will fail. Unfortunately, it’s WHEN!

Data centers require constant temperature control to ensure that servers and computers run efficiently and effectively. Any deviation in temperature (typically 50°F – 82°) or humidity levels (usually 40% – 60%) could cause overheating, which may result in crashing or failing servers. Although this is an easy task to maintain when your system is functioning correctly … the excessive heat radiating from the equipment and ambient temperatures can quickly shut down and or damage servers and computers when your permanent system fails or is turned off for service.

Spot Coolers can be “Server Room Super Heros” offering efficient, economical, and flexible cooling solutions for computer-rich environments in the event of central AC breakdown or service.


FAQ’s About Spot Coolers

How do I vent a Spot Cooler in a server room? An easy to use “drop ceiling vent kit” is the most popular form of venting in server rooms. In this case, the exhausted moisture and heat go out of the area, through the exhaust duct, and into the space above the ceiling tiles.

What happens to the moisture that is pulled out of the air? Spot Coolers pull moisture and heat out of the air, The water vapor in the air (Humidity) is “ducted” into the ceiling along with the hot air. The water produced from the units condensation is held in an internal reservoir or pumped through a condensate hose directed into a drain.

How noisy is a Spot Cooler? Portable air conditioners contain both a compressor and fan; they sound similar to a “window air conditioning unit,” which most of us have heard at one time or another. With that said, most units fall anywhere between 48 dB (which is the same noise level as falling rain) and 60 dB (which is the same noise level as a normal conversation).

What factors should I consider when renting a Spot Cooler? The Spot Coolers BTU rating directly affects how quickly the unit will be able to cool and how efficiently it will maintain that temperature. The higher the BTU, the larger the area the Spot Cooler can efficiently cool. Room size, windows and server equipment will need considering before accurately choosing the proper size Spot Cooler.

Will a Spot Cooler fit in a server room? Yes. 1 to 5 ton Spot Coolers are typically 30” wide and from 48” – 70” tall, they will fit through a standard door opening.

Do Spot Coolers require any unusual power accommodations? All of the Spot Coolers that we carry operate on 115 Volt / 60 Hertz. This amount is standard household voltage. These units come with a “three-prong” grounded plug.

How long is the exhaust hose that comes with the portable air conditioner? Exhaust ducts lengths vary by model, but generally, they are up to 10 feet (and not to exceed 40’) long and made of a temperature-resistant plastic reinforced with metal.

Can I keep a Spot Cooler running continuously? Simply put … Yes! Keep the unit running continuously, leave it overnight or on weekends without having to worry about disruptions happening when you’re away from the office.

Portable Air Spot coolers are a great temporary cooling option for server rooms, as they can be quickly moved and concentrated on specific equipment hot spots. Our units are easy to manage and maintain, and they are the perfect choice to have on hand in the event of an emergency!