Spot coolers and misting fans are both used to help provide cooler temperatures; however, they are two very different units. Spot Coolers are for indoor use only and are made to provide temporary cooling solutions when a company’s air conditioning unit is not working properly and down for repair. Spot cooler rentals come with 12” removable exhaust ducting as well as adjustable air vents. Spot cooler rentals also have a programmable thermostat, allowing you to program the spot cooler unit to fit your facilities needs. Spot coolers are quiet keeping them from interrupting employees and/or customers. Spot coolers are 23.6”L x 19.3”W x 48.3”H and are powered using a standard 120V plug.


Misting fans on the other hand are for outdoor use only and can cool an area of approximately 3000 square feet. Misting fans are quiet and can cool an outdoor area by up to 27 degrees lower than the current outdoor temperature. Misting fans are powered using a generator that is under 900W. Misting fan rentals at Portable Air are built to military specifications, ensuring a high level of productivity and safety. Misting fans will not get guests, workers, or equipment wet, making them ideal for any outdoor event or work location. They are also ideal for keeping bugs away from guests and employees during an event.


So when would you typically use a spot cooler rental vs a misting fan rental? Spot cooler rentals are ideal for providing temporary cooling to offices, schools, and or medical facilities while the facility’s air conditioning unit is down. Misting fans on the other hand are ideal for outdoor events such as concerts, weddings, and sporting events, as well as commercial sites and military sites.

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