There is no doubt that summer is here; the southern states are experiencing soaring temperatures. Life cannot stop, however, and that means that major outdoor events must go on. Fortunately, we have Vertical Event Air Conditioning Units to make those summer occasions far more bearable. Whatever your event, as long as you have the space in which to attach it, these units can save you and your guests.

The UnitsVerticals Top

Our Vertical Event Air Conditioning Units are perfect for event tents and other structures. They can be easily transported, with lifting points for forklifts. They fit in tight spaces thanks to a compact build. They clamp onto structures to make their appearance less obvious, and they can even be used during winter when you need heat.

The Events

For summer, these units make those important weddings and other events more tolerable, and safer. No one wants to sweat through a wedding, particularly the bride and groom. These portable air conditioning units can help make certain that the couple’s day is not ruined by excessive heat; ice sculptures will not melt as quickly, champagne remains cold longer, and the guests can dance without getting soaked. Also, overheating can be dangerous; you do not want anyone to suffer the potential consequences of heatstroke and other heat-related problems.

The same may be said for other important occasions. Summer graduations, theater performances in the park, church revivals, and many more events call for people to gather outdoors, sometimes during the hottest part of the day. Keep your students from melting in their robes, your actors from getting too hot to remember lines, and your worship team from fainting in the aisles.

At Portable Air, we understand how hot the summer can be and how important your events are. Let us help by providing you with Vertical Event Air Conditioning Units to keep you and your guests going, even in the heat of the day.