If you are trying to plan an outdoor event in the fall or winter, you might be concerned about the chilly temperatures affecting your guests’ comfort. We all enjoy chilly nights at times, but for a truly enjoyable outdoor event during this time of year, you need to have some form of outdoor heater rental to provide comfortable temperatures, enhancing guest comfort and enjoyment of the event. There are several outdoor heater rental options that may be right for your event. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, an outdoor concert, offering outdoor seating on a patio at a bar or restaurant, or any other type of outdoor event, there are several options to make sure your guests have an enjoyable time. Here are two options for outdoor heater rentals that can help make your event perfect.

Patio Heater Rentals

  1. Patio Heaters – Patio heaters provide a comfortable, warm environment for your outdoor event, keeping your guests comfortable. When choosing patio heaters for your event, you can choose from electric or propane patio heaters depending on what works best for you and your event setting. Patio heaters come on wheels, allowing for versatility in their placement. Patio heater rentals are also visually pleasing and can actually add to your exterior décor. Add this to the wonderful heat they provide on a chilly night, and you have the perfect heater for your outdoor event. Patio heaters can be used to provide heating solutions to outdoor events, bars, restaurants, and more
  2. Propane HeatersTent-Heater.jpgPropane heater rentals offer electronic ignition, as well as thermostat control, and an oxygen detection system for added safety control. Propane heaters come on wheels, allowing for optimum placement. Propane heaters are quiet and odorless, keeping them from disturbing you and your guests. Propane heaters can be used for outdoor events as a space heater and placed inside for tented events.


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