Summers in the south can be unbearable. It is not uncommon for temperatures to soar over 100 degrees and make air conditioning failure feel like an apocalypse. If you live in an area that commonly experiences high temperatures, it is a good idea to be prepared. Being ready with a provider of portable, rental air conditioning units is one primary step, particularly spot coolers for an office or other facility. However, you can’t always get your temporary unit right away, so there are some tips for keeping things cool while you wait for your backup.

Spot Cooler TopUse water and ice. It is a temporary solution, but it can make a noticeable difference and make the room feel much better until you get your spot cooler. All you need is a fan—most people who live in areas prone to heatwaves own more than one—and some ice, or wet cloth. Just fill a bowl with ice, or wet a cloth with cool water, and position it in front of the fan. If you have a rotating fan and you can find a way to rotate the ice and cloth as well, that is even better. If there is a breeze outdoors, open the windows and do the same.

Invest in good fans. Even though they do not cool the air, they keep it circulating. They help prevent the room’s heat from becoming oppressive. This goes for AC fans, too; even if your AC is not functioning properly, running the fan—assuming it still works—promotes air movement until things are working again. Be careful, however, not to run it too long if you are without cooling for a significant period; it could affect your energy bill.

Keep out the sun. Even if the windows are closed, incoming sunlight can warm things more than you may realize. Keep the shades drawn and prevent that additional warming light from making the heat any worse.

We hope you don’t experience air conditioning failure this summer. However, should you be in need of some temporary fixes, these tips should help, and make certain to call your portable air conditioning provider for more reliable and thorough temporary solutions.