When planning an indoor event in the fall or winter, a main concern when considering guest comfort is often temperature control. When the temperatures are uncomfortable, it can greatly impact the quality of your event.  Heater rentals are a great solution, providing comfortable temperatures to your indoor event, whether it is in a building or in an enclosed tent. By providing comfortable temperatures, indoor heater rentals can enhance guest comfort and enjoyment of the event. Whether you are planning an indoor concert, a tented wedding reception, or any other type of indoor event, there are several heating rental options to make sure your guests have an enjoyable time. Here are two options for indoor heater rentals that can help make your event perfect.Horizontals_Top.png

1. Horizontal DX Package Units – Horizontal air conditioning rentals can be used to provide climate control to your event. They have the highest standards in performance, reliability, and ease of use. Horizontal DX package units can be used for indoor events and fully enclosed tented events. Horizontal air conditioning rentals provide temperature control, offering both heating and cooling features to keep your guests comfortable for the entire event. The horizontal DX unit is placed outside of your event location and vented in using the existing duct system of the building. If your event location does not have any existing air conditioning infrastructure, the horizontal DX package unit can still be used along with clear plastic “Lay Flat” ducting with built in vents, allowing for continued climate control for your event.


2. Vertical Package Units – Vertical HVAC unit rentals have a compact design, making them ideal for installation in more compact areas. Vertical package units are also ideal for tented events because they can be clamped to the sidewall of the tent, making them part of the infrastructure. Vertical package units can also be placed outside of an indoor event and ducted in using 20” ducting and plenums. Vertical package units can be used to provide air conditioning for indoor events as well as tented events as long as the tent is fully enclosed. Vertical air conditioning units have both cooling and heating features, offering the highest quality and reliability.


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