Have you ever found yourself planning the perfect event? Maybe a wedding or a large family reunion, or even a sporting event, or concert? One major concern is air conditioning. You want your guests to enjoy the event, and a comfortable temperature is required for this to happen. Whether the event is indoors, in a tented outdoor location, or in an open outdoor location, rental air conditioning units are a great solution. Here are four options for event air conditioning rentals that can help make your event perfect.
  1. Vertical HVAC Units – Vertical HVAC unit rentals can be used to provide air conditioning for indoor events as well as tented events as long as the tent is fully enclosed. Vertical HVAC rentals can clamp directly onto the sidewall of a tent, making these units appear to be part of the overall structure. Vertical air conditioning units have both cooling and heating features, and are ideal if your event has space limitations.
  2. Horizontal DX HVAC Units – Horizontal air conditioning rentals can be used for indoor events and fully enclosed tented events. Horizontal air conditioning rentals provide temperature control, offering both cooling and heating features to keep your guests comfortable for the entire event.
  3. Spot Coolers – Spot cooler rentals are very versatile and while they won’t cool the entirety of a large structure, they can be used to provide air conditioning to specific areas of your indoor event. Spot coolers are quiet and can be adjusted to fit your event’s temperature needs.
  4. Misting Fans – Misting fan rentals are ideal for providing cool air to open, outdoor spaces. Misting fans can cool your event without getting guests wet because the cool water vapor dissipates just a few feet away from the fan. They are ideal for outdoor events such as concerts and weddings, and outdoor patios or tented events that are not fully enclosed.

If you find yourself hosting an indoor or outdoor event, there are air conditioning solutions for you. Event air conditioning rentals are a quick and easy solution for your air conditioning needs.
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