Evaporative cooler

Using a misting fan at your outdoor wedding may be one of the best ways to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Misting fans can be considerably less costly than portable outdoor air conditioners while providing convenient relief from the heat. They can be rented for a reasonable cost and your guests will appreciate that you have gone the extra distance to keep them comfortable. You do not have to worry about wedding attendees getting too wet either, as misting fans tend to provide great cool


ing with minimal actual water sprayed.

When your wedding is outdoors, you don’t want to worry that guests will be too hot in their fine clothes. Excessive heat can make dancing impossi

ble, can spoil the fun, and can cause your guests to go home early. A misting fan ensures that these undesirable outcomes won’t be a problem because everyone is kept comfortable.

Portable AC has misting fans available that you can rent for your outdoor wedding or for your other special event. The fans run quietly, are safe an

d unobtrusive, are cost-effective to rent and run, and will help to make your outdoor wedding a great success. Visit www.portableac.com today to learn more.