Spot coolers are great, plain and simple. Industrial models like our line of Airrex or Topaz units are full-fledged self-contained portable air conditioning units. What could make them sound better? How about that they are extremely easy to set up and run. Modest weight and caster wheels make these units easily maneuverable, and the user friendly controls make it easy to set your desired temperature. Cool air is conditioned and supplied into the room while the warm ambient air is pulled in and exhausted through a duct into a drop ceiling, out a window or door.

Any moisture produced through this process is condensed and drained through an attached hose which can be put outside or in an existing interior drain. If no drain is available, these units come with an internal, removable 5 gallon condensation bucket which could provide 6-8 hours of continuous use before needing to be emptied, which can vary depending on the environment the unit is in. And don’t worry, the Spot Cooler units have an automatic shut off feature to prevent spilling or over filling!

Ranging from 13,600 BTU to 77,500 BTU, these units are a perfect solution to temporary cooling in an area effected by downed AC or other equipment failure, and can even provide year round permanent use in areas needing standard or supplemental AC like rooms containing servers, or other computer technology. Check out our video overview of these units!

Available for rent or purchase, learn more about Spot Coolers from Portable Air! Visit portableac.com/dev or call 1-800-341-4297. #hvac #spotcooler #rental