Ambient temperature (ABM) is the temperature in a surrounding area. ABM can be the temperature in a room or the temperature in the environment surrounding certain equipment such as computers, power supplies, and other electronic equipment. In an area/room with electronic equipment, the ABM is determined by both the room temperature and the heat that is created by the electronic equipment.

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ABM can be affected by several factors including the number of people in a room, the amount of equipment in a room, weather, humidity, the insulation in a room, and the heating/cooling systems in the room. A room with lots of people or a room with many computers and other electronics will be much hotter than a room with only a few people and little to no electronic equipment. Think about it. Have you ever been in a room with 1 or 2 other people and been comfortable and then at another time been in the same room with 8 to 10 people and felt hot and uncomfortable? Or have you ever gone in a room full of computers that are turned on and felt too hot? These are both examples of how the ABM in a room can affect one’s comfort.

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At an event where you want guests to be as comfortable as possible, ambient temperature needs to be considered. The ABM will be greatly affected by the number of people attending the event, the amount of equipment at the event, the heat created by the equipment at the event, etc. If you are having an outdoor event or an event in an open tent, you will also need to keep the outdoor temperature and humidity levels in mind. In order to keep your guests cool and comfortable, you will want to make sure to rent an HVAC system that will take the ABM into consideration. Some AC units that are ideal for events are Horizontal Event Air Conditioning Units and Vertical Event Air Conditioning Units.

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