What is HVAC?

If you have ever had to rent or buy a form of air conditioning due to air conditioning failure or the need to provide a comfortable environment for an upcoming event, you might have come across the term ‘HVAC’ and found yourself thinking, “What does HVAC mean?” Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, more commonly known as HVAC is the system that is used to supply cooling and heating assistance to enclosed areas such as buildings and tents. HVAC units provide climate control, allowing residents and employees to be comfortable, regardless of the outdoor temperatures. Because heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are all interrelated, you can receive all three of these functions in one HVAC unit, allowing for optimum room air distribution.


How HVAC Works:

HVAC units regulate the air flow and temperature in a building by ventilating the air in any space. The ventilation a HVAC unit provides keeps the air circulating within a building which helps the building to maintain acceptable air quality as well as temperature control. This allows the HVAC unit to provide high quality indoor air by removing odors, moisture, dust, and other harmful bacteria, providing a healthy indoor environment by preventing mold and other harmful organisms from developing. Most modern homes have HVAC units in the forms of residential air conditioning; however, there are also industrial HVAC units that can be used in many different locations including offices, buildings, temporary structures, new construction, and much more.


Why Use HVAC?

Industrial HVAC units can be critical to providing temperature regulation in order to increase the productivity and health of your facility. Industrial HVAC units can be used to provide climate control to events, weddings, tented events, sporting functions, conventions, corporate functions, and more. Industrial HVAC units can also be used to provide disaster relief to tents and evacuation sites when disaster strikes. Industrial HVAC units are often placed outside of a structure or venue in order to provide air conditioning inside using air ducts. Most professional companies with trained technicians will find ways of incorporating the HVAC unit into the existing infrastructure of the building. This allows your business or event to run smoothly without pieces of ducting in the way. Portable Air provides many different industrial HVAC units, including the following: Spot Coolers, Horizontal DX Air Conditioning Units, Vertical HVAC Units, Dehumidifiers, Chiller Units, Air Scrubbers, and Air Handlers.


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