If the air conditioner installed in your space is not effective, or you don’t have one installed, you should definitely look into purchasing a portable air conditioner. Their portable nature makes them easy and convenient, and you avoid the hassle and commitment of installing a permanent air conditioning system. Why suffer inside of an uncomfortably hot space when you can easily solve the problem with a portable air conditioner? If you’re considering purchasing a portable air conditioning system, there are a few things you should know first.

What you need to know about selecting a portable air conditioner:

  • Choose a company you can rent from— In case you don’t want the full commitment of purchasing your portable air conditioner unit, there are companies you can find that will rent the system out to you. Look for a company that gives you the options of both buying and renting an air conditioning unit.
  • Know the space and how many rooms that needs to be cooled— Whether you need just one room cooled, or multiple, measure these spaces so that you can tell any potential air conditioner providers this information. That way they will be able to provide you with the most effective portable air conditioning unit, as well as give you a price estimate.
  • Know the available power supply— It is essential you are aware of your space’s power supply as well as the specific outlet or outlets you will be using. A good company will be able to recommend the best possible portable air conditioner for your individual power supply.
  • Know the size of the air conditioner— If you are in need of a portable air conditioner for the reason of replacing a preexisting, failed one, knowing the size of the broken unit will greatly help determine the type and size of the portable air conditioner you will need.
  • Consider the amount of space the unit will take up— After getting both the measurements of the room being cooled and the measurement of the unit you wish to purchase or rent, make sure there is still enough space for walkways and the room’s normal functions.
  • Choose a reputable company— Before choosing any one company, do your research to be sure you are selecting a reliable and reasonably priced company. Check out multiple companies’ websites and read their testimonials page if they have one, or even Google the company name to check their credibility.
  • Be familiar with how to properly run and care for your unit— When buying or renting any portable air conditioning unit, it is important to first understand how to work the system. The staff of the company you are doing business with should be able to give easy to follow directions on how you operate your unit. Make sure you understand these instructions to ensure optimal functioning of your unit.

If your home or business’s air conditioner is broken or malfunctioning, you can find a quick and convenient solution in a portable air conditioner.