Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a concert, or any tented event, you’ll probably need to rent a generator to power your event. Of course, the very success of your event depends on choosing the right company.  Make the right choice and your event will be powered and go off without a hitch. Hire the wrong company and your event could turn into a total disaster.

By understanding your needs, you’ll make the right choice when renting a generator. Here are some key considerations:

  • Know your power needs— The size of the generator you’ll need depends on the number of different items your event will have that require electricity. For example, you might have fans, portable air conditioners, or a sound system that all need to be powered. Make a list of everything you need powered, and an experienced equipment rental company will be able to help match you with the right generator.
  • Find a place—Where will the generator be located? You don’t want it out in the middle of everything where its sound will deafen everything around it. Again, partnering with the right generator rental company will ensure everything is installed in the best possible place.

Portable Air offers event generator rentals to customers all across Florida and the entire Southeastern United States. Learn more at www.portableac.com.