Indoor air quality is incredibly important to everyone’s health. Whether at the jobsite or at home, having clean, pure air to breathe can help prevent the development of respiratory issues, infections, and chronic lung diseases. Thankfully, when it comes to keeping your air clean, there are options. In many cases, an air purifier will be enough to keep the air in your home or office clean. But in other situations such as in warehouses, laboratories, industrial environments, or during disaster cleanup, an air purifier simply isn’t powerful enough to keep up. That’s when it’s necessary to bring in an air scrubber.

Air scrubbers operate on a much larger and more powerful scale than air purifiers. An air scrubber contains filters that capture air particles, weed out any contaminants, and pump out only clean air. They are ideal for use in environments where harmful fumes, gases, chemicals, and other contaminants could pollute the air. A quality air scrubber can go a long way in keeping people safe in hazardous environments.

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