Spot Coolers and Horizontal Air Conditioner Units (also known as Horizontal DX Units) are both great units for providing cooler air; however, when would you want to rent a Spot Cooler vs. a Horizontal DX Unit?

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Spot Coolers are less costly and much more portable because they are mounted on wheels, allowing them to easily be moved to an indoor location of choice. Spot Coolers are easy to install, and after a few brief directions, can easily be operated by the renter. Spot Coolers are also ideal if you are wanting to cool a smaller area vs. an entire building due to the more focused air supply that Spot Coolers produce. For example, if your air conditioning goes down at a bank location, but you only want to cool teller stations vs. the entire bank building, Spot Coolers would be a better option. Another example of an ideal time to rent a Spot Cooler would be if an air conditioning unit goes down at a warehouse, but you are only concerned about cooling a smaller office area. Spot Cooler Units are also ideal for locations with drop ceilings such as class rooms, medical centers, and offices. By using the drop ceilings, the warm air can be processed out of the building using ducting, keeping only the cooler air processed by the Spot Cooler indoors.

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Horizontal DX Units on the other hand are much more powerful, allowing a single unit to cool an entire building. Horizontal DX Units are placed outside, keeping renters from having to worry about exhaust ducting. Horizontal DX Units are ideal when you want to provide air conditioning to a large tent, such as an event tent or disaster relief tent. Horizontal DX Units are also ideal when you want to provide air conditioning to an entire building instead of just a small part of a building. Horizontal DX Units also provide both cooling and heating options, making them perfect for any time of the year.

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