Chiller2If you need an air cooled chiller, look no further than Portable Air to provide it. Portable Air has one of the largest fleets of air cooled chillers which are available for rental. The large size of the fleet provides the versatility that you need in order to ensure the chiller can provide the cooling necessary to achieve productivity and decrease your downtime.

Air cooled chiller units available from Portable Air can range in size from around 7.5 tons all the way up to 300 ton chillers. If this is not large enough for your project and you need a larger chiller, it is also possible to use optional supplementary equipment which Portable Air has available to increase the capacity of the chiller to as much as 1,500 tons.

Air cooled chillers from Portable Air are available for use both alone and for use in tandem applications depending upon the scope of the need. Portable Air can work with you, help you to conduct an analysis of your chilling needs, and provide you with insight into the most cost-effective and efficient way to achieve the desired chilling effects. When you need a high-quality and effective air cooled chiller, contact Portable Air today for help.