Find Spot Coolers, Portable AC and more in New Orleans

In need of cooling, heating or power generation services in The Bayou State? Portable Air offers a range of climate control solutions in New Orleans. When sweltering temps call for cooling units, we’re here. When high humidity leaves you in need of a dehumidifier, Portable Air is here. And when cold weather sets in and you require portable heating options, we’ve got the equipment to do the job. In short, we make it easy to find an AC rental in LA.

To find a portable AC rental in New Orleans and beyond, browse our product offerings below.

Explore Portable Air’s Leesville, LA Location

Portable Air’s Louisiana location is the principal source for temporary requirements of air conditioning, heat, and power generation services. In coordination with our locations in Florida and Texas, Portable Air can quickly respond to the needs of businesses, government agencies, institutions, and special event planners. From our Louisiana location, we service throughout the southeast United States, including:

  • Baton Rouge
  • New Orleans
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Mobile
  • Memphis
  • Springfield
  • Little Rock

Cooling, Heating, and Power Rental Services in New Orleans

At Portable Air, offering air conditioner rentals in Louisiana is just part of what we do.

With everything from 1-ton spot coolers to 300-ton air-cooled chillers, Portable Air’s Leesville location has a wide range of solutions to fit your temporary air and power needs. Our knowledgeable sales reps offer expertise and work to bring you tailored product selections based on your needs.

Read on to learn about our climate control and power generating products.

Spot Coolers

Did the AC go down? Is your location lacking sufficient cooling? It’s time for spot coolers to save the day. These units provide quality cooling services when you need them most. Those looking for spot coolers in New Orleans can also use the simple “set and forget” control system to lock in the ideal temperature.

Temporary Air Conditioning

Finding a portable air conditioner in New Orleans is simple at Portable Air. Our versatile cooling units can balance temperatures in schools, hospitals, businesses, server rooms and more. Additionally, many customers enjoy the time-saving benefits of Portable Air’s delivery and installation services. We do all we can to make getting an air conditioner rental in LA effortless.

portable ac units Houston


The Louisiana heat can be hard to bear. That’s why Portable Air offers chiller rentals. These top-rated units keep the area crisp and come in air and water-cooled options. Whether you are hosting a large event, need to keep employees comfortable or have another chiller need, the rental options at Portable Air ensure your temperature control needs are met.


Power generation services are another Portable Air offering that Louisiana customers can enjoy. Our generators are high in quality and low in noise, making them ideal for events. These versatile units are ready when you need them and can be set up by our skilled team. From job sites to parties and everything in between, our trailer-mounted generators bring reliable power to you.

Air Scrubbers

Clean, fresh air is something we all benefit from by removing pollutants from the atmosphere, and air scrubbers help maintain a healthy environment. Offices, hospitals, job sites and other locations can take advantage of the purifying effects that our portable air scrubbers have. Ditch the air fresheners and sprays that don’t do much to improve air quality. Instead, select a powerful air scrubber from Portable Air.


Louisiana residents understand that high humidity can be more than uncomfortable. Skip feeling hot and sticky, protect equipment and prevent your construction site from damage with the help of a dehumidifier rental. With a wide range of commercial dehumidifier models, we have the ideal fit for your location.


When the Louisiana winter rolls in, Portable Air’s selection of heating rentals is ready for action. There’s no shortage of options to choose from, from sleek models for outdoor events to reliable, sturdy units for job sites and offices. If you’re unsure of what to select, our team will explain the propane and electric heating system options and help you choose the right machine.

Find Portable Air Conditioners and More in New Orleans

With over three decades of experience, Portable Air is the place you can trust for your cooling, heating and power needs. Our focus on custom-made solutions and high-quality equipment combine to create the service environment that our customers know and appreciate.

Year-round, day and night, we’re here to serve you. When you need a portable air conditioner in New Orleans, contact Portable Air.


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