Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling

When companies depend on computers, their local server rooms or data centers should be one of the most important considerations on a daily basis. So, what’s the number one issue that can cause issues for this technology? Poor temperature control.

It’s as simple as this: servers need an environment between 68 and 72 degrees to continue operating, and without it you might face temporary or permanent damage to your system. Many factors can raise temperature in these situations, from sunlight on the door of the server room, the temperature of surrounding rooms, and the computer server equipment itself.


Some business owners may assume the standard building air conditioning will suffice. For smaller servers that is usually OK, but for larger data centers or multiple server setups, supplemental air conditioning is essential. Spot coolers are self-contained, portable air conditioners. Our 1.2 ton and 1.5 ton units connect via a standard 110 outlet and cool up to 400 square foot (20×20 foot room) per ton.  Warm air is ducted into drop ceilings out outside via any available windows. Condensation from the unit doesn’t have any effect on the room itself, because it is channeled into an internal storage tank, or even outdoors or into an on-site drain via an attached hose. There’s no need worry about spilling water if you forget to empty the condensation tank, because the unit will shut off automatically to avoid over-filling it. The inclusion of a spot cooler may even improve the room’s standard humidity by keeping the air cooler and crisper.

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