Disaster Relief Equipment

Disaster Relief

Portable Air is here when you need us!

Catastrophic weather or other natural disasters can have a devastating effect for everyone involved, even in the days and weeks after an incident occurs.

After the immediate concerns of safety and medical treatment have been established, attention switches to emergency shelter, power, and climate control for those displaced by the crisis.


Portable Air Temperature Control and Power is proud to have offered technical support, power, and temperature control disaster relief equipment to relief coordinators at various disaster sites for over 25 years.

Our team and mobile equipment operate with efficiency and dedication to help improve the conditions and comfort of those in relief tents or other evacuation sites.

In the field


Our Vertical HVAC and Horizontal DX units provide cooling and heating, so you can restore a level of comfort to your relief tents or evacuation sites.

Our fleet of power generators provide the electricity for our HVAC equipment, and with the addition of power distribution equipment such as transformers, panels, spider boxes, adjustable breaker boxes, and breakout boxes, we can provide outlets for cell phones, heating plates, and other modern conveniences for those recovering from the disaster.

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A partner

We are proud to assist communities and relief coordinators in the face of disaster.  To request our services, please call today.