Accurate moisture detection instruments help you make informed decisions about the restorative drying process. In fact, knowing exactly where the moisture is and how much is critical for determining which techniques, equipment and procedures will be most effective. Dri-Eaz is proud to partner with GE Protimeter and Delmhorst Instrument Co. to provide the rugged, restoration-ready instruments you need to assess moisture content quickly and precisely.

Image Coming SoonF245HydroSensor I
  • Saves your back with a 31″ reach
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Nickel-plated, retractable points
Image Coming SoonF251HydroSensor II
  • Extends to 31″ for use
  • Collapses to 21″ for storage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Nickel-plated, retractable points
Image Coming SoonF281SurveyMaster (SM)
  • Detects moisture without making holes in materials, and independently of surface moisture. Uses non-invasive radio frequencies to search for moisture behind finished materials like ceramic tile and vinyl flooring.
  • Penetrates materials with pin electrodes to take precise readings of moisture content in wood or Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) in other materials.
F309 Hammer Probe F309Hammer Probe
  • Insulated pin shafts – measurements only taken at the tip of the pins
  • Works with Surveymaster and MMS Plus moisture meters
Image Coming SoonF213WetChec 
F320 AquantF320Aquant
  • Quick, non-invasive detection of moisture up to ½ in. below surfaces
  • Detect moisture beneath hard surface coverings such as vinyl and tile
  • Not adversely affected by surface moisture such as condensation
  • Dual LCD and LED display with color-coded scale
F381 PsycloneF381Psyclone
  • Innovative design
  • Easy-to-read digital display with intuitive interface
  • Adjustable display backlight and auto shutoff
  • Full range retractable probe protects the sensor when not in use
  • Durable ABS with silicone grip for more assurance
  • Belt clip for quick access on the run
  • Two year limited warranty
  • Surface temperature option
 Image Coming SoonF322Mini 
F401 Technician's KitF401Technician Kit
  • Molded ABS carrying case with protective foam inserts
  • Positive-locking tabs keep contents safe during transport
  • Drilled closure tab allows lid to be secured with padlock (not included)
Image Coming SoonF488PROTIMETER MMS2
  • Intuitive user interface with color screen
  • Rugged, lightweight and ergonomic case. Carry pouch included!
  • Log up to 8000 results, each with date and time stamp from all instrument functions.
  • Complete psychometric calculations
  • Surface non-contact temperature measurement with laser pointer
 Image Coming SoonF489MMS2 RESTORATION KIT
  • Intuitive user interface with color screen
  • Rugged, lightweight and ergonomic meter case.
  • Log up to 1000 results, each with date and time stamp from all instrument functions.
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement with laser pointer
  • The MMS2 Restoration Kit includes all of these valuable accessories:
  • Hammer Probe:  Allows user to penetrate into structural materials like sub floors and framing to a depth of 1.38 in. (35 mm). The insulated pins determine the exact moisture content at depth. Includes ten replacement pins.
  • Quickstick sensor measures ambient temperature and humidity with industry-leading speed and accuracy.
  • HD MC Probe attachment with cable for testing difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Deep Wall Probes. 5 in. (127 mm) probes allow you to measure moisture in drywall, wall cavity insulation, concrete, stucco, plaster, masonry, and other building materials.
  • Data logging software. Install on your PC to manage date, create reports, safely backup project records. PC only. Includes USB cable.
  • Sturdy carry case. Hard plastic case organizes and protects your sensitive moisture detection tools. Snap-lock fittings secure the contents during transportation and storage. Sturdy pre-cut foam inserts hold instruments and accessories firmly in place.
 F462 Navigator Pro/RpF462Navigator Pro/Rp
  • Simplified controls for quick and easy use.
  • Enhanced functions include job definition of up to 5 jobs with unique job ID numbers.
  • Group data by specific rooms, with up to 32 rooms per job.
  • Optional infrared PC link and software
  • Instantly calculates averages of up to 100 accumulated readings
  • Set-point alert feature notifies you to when a pre-selected moisture content level is reached
  • Can be used with the Hammer Probe (F467) or Insulation Probes (F468) for deeper detection
 HT-3000 W/CSF464HT-3000 W/CS
  • Clear, easy-to-read digital readout with backlight
  • Spanish language option
  • Data hold feature and automatic power down
 HT-4000 W/CSF472HT-4000 W/CS
  • Clear, easy-to-read digital readout with backlight
  • Spanish language display option
  • Convenient data hold feature
  • Automatic power down extends battery life
  • Detachable RH sensor to simplify concrete testing and remote room RH monitoring
 F471 QuickNavF471QuickNav
  • Thermohygrometer measures RH, temperature, calculates dew point, GPP, and vapor pressure
  • Backlit display, adjustable alarm, reading hold feature
  • Correction scales include wood and drywall
 Image Coming SoonF465TechCheck Plus/PKG
  • Built in backlight makes reading in dark places easy.
  • Auto-shutoff timer saves battery life.
  • Alarm lets you know when your pre-selected moisture threshold is reached.
  • Spanish language display built in.
 Image Coming SoonF46619-EST/C Baseboard Probes
 Image Coming SoonF46726-ES Hammer Probe for Hardwood Floors
 Image Coming SoonF46821-E Insulation Electrde (Drywall)
 Image Coming SoonF469Contact Pins for 26-ES (24PK)
 Image Coming SoonF4702497/A100/24 Contact Pins (BD-2100/TechCheck
 Image Coming SoonF486#608 CONTACT PINS 3 1/4″-(USED ON 21-E) (4PK)

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