Truly one of the most versatile moisture meters available today, the BD-2100 is perfect for the professional restoration contractor. Equipped with pin-type sensors, the BD-2100 can be used to measure moisture in wood, drywall and non-wood materials. Includes Delmhorst’s exclusive drywall scale.

Each Delmhorst meter features the following:

  • Rugged construction that ensures years of reliable use
  • Sturdy shock-resistant plastic carrying case protects meter from damage
  • 9V battery
  • 1 year no-hassle warranty
Model Delmhorst BD-2100
Display Digital backlit LCD
Power 9V battery
Pin mode detection depth 516 in. with built-in pins
118 in. with 26-ES Hammer Probe electrode (F467)
3¼ in. with 21-E electrode (F468)
Pin mode scales and ranges Wood: 6–40% MC
Gypsum (drywall): 0.2–50% MC
Relative Scale (for non-wood materials): 0–100
Accuracy MC in wood:
±0.5% (6–12 MC)
±1% (12–20 MC)
±2% (20–30 MC)