QuikStick Humidity Sensor

QuikStick Humidity Sensor

The QuikStick is a new and improved sensor designed to improve the performance of newer MMS Plus (F337) meters. The QuikStick is now included with all MMS Plus meters and Restoration Kits (F355).

Please note: The QuikStick replaces the Humistick and Hygrostick probes on certain meters only. To determine if your meter is compatible with the QuikStick, follow these instructions:

1. Press the power button while pressing the Back button.
2. The meter will display a firmware version number.

The QuikStick is compatible with the following firmware version:

MMS meters: firmware version 3.14 or higher

Hygromaster and Hygrohawk meters: firmware version 5.22 or higher

Meters with older firmware versions are still compatible with the Humistick and Hygrostick probes.