Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace

Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace
Now you can bring all the heat you need right to the job site. The trailer-mounted diesel-fired Dragon X2 provides up to three days of continuous operation without refueling. The unit’s 55 gal. (max.) onboard tank eliminates the mess and hassle of external tanks and/or daily refueling required by other mobile heaters.

The Dragon’s 100,000 BTU capacity, three-outlet design and recirculation capability delivers maximum heat to the job site for restoration, event shelters, and work areas – wherever clean, dry temporary heat is needed.

ModelDragon X2 Portable Heater (F429)
Net heat output100,000 BTU/hr | 29.3 kWh
ThermostatSet for up to 102F/39C. With remote sensing bulb.
Airflow1600 CFM | 2720 CMH
Power10 amps, 115 volt, 60 Hz
Fuel tank capacity55 gal. | 208 liter maximum
Fuel typeNo. 1 or no. 2 diesel or fuel oil. Kerosene may be added to fuel for cold weather operation.
Fuel consumption rate.8 gal./hr | 3.0 liter/hr
Dimensions, including trailer (W × H × D)74 × 54 × 122 in.
1.9 × 1.4 × 3.1 m
DuctingThree sections semi-rigid, each 25 ft. | 7.62 m
Weight1500 lbs. | 680 kg
GVRW2000 lbs. | 907 kg
Tongue weight200 lbs. | 91 kg
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