Generator Rental

Keep the lights on and projects moving smoothly with a generator rental. Whether you have an emergency or need a generator on standby, we’ll deliver and set up the unit on site. In emergencies, you may also need emergency air conditioning. Whatever your needs, Portable Air is here to offer top-quality solutions that you can rely on.

Explore Portable AC generators below.

Generators for Rent

We offer a variety of generators with varying burn rates, fuel requirements, and max amps. Click on the KVA size below to view the spec sheet on individual units:

KVAMax AmpsFuelBurn RatePhaseVoltageLWH
2569.5A(208V) 30A(480V50 Gal1.7 GPH1 or 3120-480119"62"65"
45120A(208V) 47A(480V)69 Gal1.66 GPH1 or 3110-480146"68"68"
70200A(208V) 84A(480V)92 Gal4.7 GPH3110-480146"68"74"
100278A(208V) 120A(480V)198 Gal5.9 GPH3110-480196"79"85"
125347A(208V) 150A(480V)249 Gal7.3 GPH1 or 3120-480181"73"74"
150355A(208V) 180A(480V)368 Gal5.9 GPH1 or 3120-480217"84"103"
220600A(208V) 264A(480V)400 Gal12.4 GPH1 or 3110-480209"88"85"
4001,100A(208V) 481A(480V)479 Gal23 GPH1 or 3120-480264"94"101"
5001,390A(208V) 602A(480V)550 Gal24 GPH1 or 3120-480282"96"102"
7502,080A(208V) 902A(480V)1,750 Gal36 GPH1 or 3120-480480"96"162"
1,0002,780A(208V) 1,203A(480V)1,750 Gal50 GPH3208-480480"96"162"

The Premier Source For Your Supplemental & Temporary Power Needs

Portable Air provides complete turnkey power generation solutions for events and industrial applications.

Our towable generators can handle the most rugged requirements for light, and medium-duty power needs to provide temporary job site power. Our skilled technicians ensure that your industrial generator rental is dependable and easy to operate. All the while, these units remain quiet, making them a great fit for events.

Portable Air also offers heavy-duty generators for projects and events that require more power. Besides providing you with a wide selection of durable generators, Portable Air offers power generation accessories for seamless setup and use.

Additional power options can include:

  • Redundant power solutions to eliminate loss of power in critical applications
  • Transformers
  • Transfer switches
  • External fuel tanks to extend the time between fuel delivery, non-spill and environmental friendly
  • Power distribution accessories, such as cable ramps, lighting, spider boxes, etc.

Portable AC Generators For Events

By understanding your needs, you’ll make the right choice when renting a generator. Here are some key considerations:

Know your power needs

Many clients wonder, “What size generator rental do I need?” The size of the generator you’ll need depends on the number of different items your event will have that require electricity.

For example, you might have fans, portable air conditioners, or a sound system that all need to be powered. Make a list of everything you need to be powered, and an experienced equipment rental company will be able to help match you with the right generator.

Determine a Location

Where will the generator be located? You don’t want it out in the middle of everything where its sound will deafen everything around it. Again, partnering with the right generator rental company will ensure everything is installed in the best possible place.

Generator Rentals You Can Rely On

Whether you need an industrial generator rental or a generator for your event, make sure these seven components are in place.

Versatility: You want complete turnkey power generation solutions for both events and industrial applications.

Engineering: Units should be designed to withstand rugged environments for temporary job-site power with technology that responds immediately under variable loads.

Quiet operation: Sound reduction is important to keep units quiet enough to provide power for special events without causing disruption.

More Options: When partnering with a climate control and power company, make sure their power generators are designed to fit your needs, not just theirs. That means generator units should provide power not only for their on-site HVAC equipment but any other needs an event or job site might require. Some considerations are power outlets for lighting and food stations, spider boxes, and power distribution for job site hardware.

Portability: Trailer mounted units arrive at and from job sites quickly and easily.

Fuel for thought: In our fleet, generators run on diesel fuel-producing power through single or three-phase voltage.

Important Uses: Redundant power backup to eliminate electrical outages at medical facilities and powering essential equipment during disaster relief efforts.

Portable Air’s generators meet all the criteria above. Our portable ac generators and other equipment provide you with reliable power, allowing you to keep your plans on track.


Portable Air’s extensive fleet of portable power generators offers power for temporary AC rentals and any of your other power needs. Our industrial units can generate power for everything from basic lighting to advanced sound and light shows.

Portable Air has been an industry leader in industrial event equipment since 1987. Our talented, knowledgeable technicians are true experts who can match you with the portable power solution that’s just right for your needs.

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