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Portable Air Scrubber Rentals

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Our selection of portable air scrubbers are designed to filter air particles down to .3 microns in size with 99.97% efficiency. Reduce airborne dust while increasing productivity with one of our portable units.

Portable Air Scrubber Applications

Air scrubbers are useful in a number of situations, but are most commonly used in hospitals, new construction, and on the site of water or fire damage scenes. The HEPA filtration system included in the units we carry helps to cleanse the air by removing dirt particles and unwanted odors. This helps to provide relief from allergy, asthma, sinus problems, mold spores, pathogens, and chemical irritations.

Air Scrubber Rental Features

The units we stock feature:

• 6 ACH in spaces up to 7,500-9,000 ft³ at peak rated airflow.
• Variable airflow control from 150 cfm to 900 cfm.
• Ability to daisy-chain multiple units on one 15-amp circuit via the GFCI-protected duplex receptacles.

ModelCFMElectricalFiltersCircuit BreakerLWH
PAS1200300-900120 V, 60 Hz
15 Amps
3 stage HEPA optional 4th charcoal stage12 Amp19.25"22"39"
Airrex HEPA 20001,410-1,620115 V, 60 Hz 13.5 Amps3 stage HEPA20 Amp30"29"30"

1200HC Spec Sheet

Airrex HEPA 2000 Spec Sheet

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Air Scrubber Delivery in Florida, Texas & Louisiana

Control air quality with an air scrubber. Our units are easy to operate and place into small spaces where you need them most. Contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll help you determine what unit is right for you.

We have 3 convenient locations, which ensures we can get your delivery to you in a timely manner!

Orlando Office – Serving Central Florida.

Houston Office – Serving the Houston area.

Leesburg LA Office – Serving New Orleans and Dallas.
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