Chilled Water Air Handler Rentals

Air Handler Rental Features

• 24/7 Emergency Service
• Large selection (15 to 120 tons)
• Used for disaster relief, military exercises, crew camps and more
• Total packages are available with HVAC, power and power distribution
• Factory trained on site technicians for every job

TonsMax AmpsVoltsPhaseCFMSupplyReturnConnectionLWH
157.646036,000123" Camlock68"46"76"
2515480310,000233" Camlock102"91"50"
3030480312,000233" Camlock72"56"81"
3545480314,000233" Camlock222"108"66"
504548036,250243" Camlock100"83"59"
12045480315,000463" Camlock144"101"64"

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Portable Air has a unique inventory of chilled water air handlers for rent ranging in size from 15 tons to 120 tons.  These units are energy efficient, reliable, and top quality.  The design of the air handler’s suppleness, control options, and quality performance are ideally suited to applications requiring large cooling capacities.

Most of our air handlers are vertically configured for compact installation, and have a “split” design enabling the user to break down the equipment.  This allows the unit to travel through very tight spaces, which can then be reassembled for installation. Each chilled water air handling unit includes a fused disconnect or circuit breaker, 2” throw-away filters, and supply air discharge plenums. 30 ton units and smaller include casters for ease of movement on the job site.

Portable Air provides flexibility, reliability and many professional features so your air handler will best meet your requirements. Our air handlers are well matched for many different applications. Some applications include commercial and industrial facilities with fast quality production.

We provide metal infill panels as required to manage the configuration of the air handler. The metal frames and weatherproof systems are manufactured for long term protection.