Portable AC & Spot Cooler Rentals

Spot Cooler rental portable air conditioner
If you are in need of portable AC, a spot cooler is a great option. Spot coolers are easy to move to the location where you need them most, and they are an energy-efficient cooling option. Whether you need a unit as a backup to your main cooling source or you need a short-term air conditioning solution, spot coolers may be a good fit.

Spot Cooler Applications

spot cooler unit

Spot coolers can be installed quickly, and they come with a “set and forget” 24 hour program to make it easy to set the temperature to the desired degree. Because of the portable nature of these units, they are great for a number of applications, including:

Our spot coolers range from 1 to 5 tons. If you aren’t sure of the best unit for your particular location, we’ll be able to help you decide. Below are the units we currently carry. Click the unit names for more information:


Portable AC Delivery in Florida, Texas & Louisiana

Since 1987, Portable Air has been a leader in providing temporary portable cooling solutions for all situations. Customers can depend on fast, reliable delivery and clean, smooth running machines. Whether you have a planned event or are dealing with an emergency, request a quote and we’ll help address your cooling needs!

We have 3 convenient locations, which ensures we can get your delivery to you quickly.

Orlando Office – Serving Central Florida.

Houston Office – Serving the Houston area.

Leesburg LA Office – Serving New Orleans and Dallas.

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