Temp Cool Spot Cooler Guide

For proper operation, ensure the following:

1. GFCI plug has the “reset” button depressed. If the “test” button is depressed, there will be no power supplied to the spot cooler.

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2. Condensate tank is properly installed in the drawer. Ensure tank is not upside down or backwards. See picture below.

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3. Tank should be properly placed into the drawer. Ensure drawer is then fully closed. When fully closed, the back of the drawer “B” will make contact with magnet “A”. This is not a sensor, but a magnet to help keep the drawer shut.


If tank is inserted properly and drawer is fully closed, after a short delay the “COOL” light will illuminate and cooling will begin. The display screen will show the actual room temperature. When pressing “temp up” or “temp down” buttons your desired set point will flash briefly, then display screen will return to the actual room temperature.

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When condensate tank is full, “tF” (tank full) will illuminate. Drain tank and reinstall.


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