Vertical Package Air Conditioner Units


Vertical Unit Features

• Multiple lifting points for forklift
• Compact design to allow for installation in tight spaces
• Tent sidewall clamps on units allow for a finished look that appears to be part of the structure
• Units available with heat for year round use
• Optional plenums and 20” ducting

When your project has tight space constraints or you have another specific requirement that dictates the need for a vertical solution, Portable Air has you covered. Our vertical package units are the perfect solution for certain industrial application. With a footprint of 3’L x 8’W, our vertical package units can be placed in very tight areas. The skid plates with multiple forklift opportunities make these units some of the most versatile portable units on the market. Units can “free blow” or have plenums attached that allow industry standard 20” flexible duct to be used for air delivery. Call us today to see how we can match your projects needs.